Time vs YOU

Silence-Marshmello ft. Khalid

They say time is relative…The persistence of time has its value. The value in it are the experiences it provides to us throughout our lives. Though…we cannot go back in time, we can improve with time. Time provides to us patience, it gives us growth and experience. It is ever present and unforgiving. Time essentially gives no mercy…

All of our greatest decisions are set within the limits of time. Everyone embraces it with a different level of acknowledgment or understanding of how time will pass. When I was younger, there were always certain milestones that you looked forward to. Maybe a certain age, being able to drive, go out and experience the world on your own. There’s the old sayings we are all very familiar with, and that is…”Time flies when you’re having fun”, or “The older you get, the faster time goes.” Both are very true statements. You’re having fun, you never want that moment to end. This is captured especially when we are younger in all the new experiences we have to look forward to. In the opportunities that present themselves to us.

As you mature with the days passing, with the knowledge and experience, these instances of excitement may fade. Therefore, giving us a lesser sense of appreciation for its urgency. Regardless of who you are, your social or economic status, time is the succession of a means to an end.

When you realize how very little time we are all inherently given in our lives, you tend to breathe a little deeper, look a little longer, love a little harder. You embrace the calm against the opposing grain that pulls us all to center. You’re more joyful and fulfilled for it.

Enjoy even the smallest of moments…Feel the heat of the coffee mug in your cupped hands as you sit and watch the sunrise. Listen intently to the soft breeze that whispers, it will cease to be. Do not…for the love of all that is hold grudges that serve you no purpose but to drain your energy and happiness. It only propels you forward…faster. Appreciate all the finite details that surround us every day. Be kind of all creation because it too follows a destiny of limits.

STOP wasting time on people and things that do not serve a sense of purpose to you. Indulge in the things that provide a sense of fulfillment and gratitude...Always.

What is most valuable to you when it comes to time? How do you align time within the balance of life? Share you thoughts…

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