Apache Death Cave

An Unsettling History…

August of last year I decided to explore the Apache Death Cave area since I was passing through. I had been here once before, though it had been many years, and I never delved into the history of this area at the time.

Into the depths of it…Pt1

The area in itself is interesting, surrounded by abandoned gas stations, Native dwellings and ruins. Located in 2 Guns, Winslow,  Arizona. These ruins can be seen from the infamous old route 66 to further add to its already historically laden offerings.

2 Guns, Winslow, Arizona

The abandoned buildings are stricken with bold and colorful graffiti. This too, adds to the artistic appeal of this scenic story.

…and further still…Pt2
Inside Abandoned Gas Station

You almost get lost in reading and viewing all the graffiti work that is there. Translating the meaning behind certain depictions, drawings, and messages.

Abandoned Gas Station

Then you find yourself amongst the ruins. There are several standing still made of mud and stone. You can then walk down a makeshift rock pathway to find the entrance to the Apache Death Cave which once served as a mass grave to the Navajo people encamped there.


Places like these demand respect, and they exude the need for lasting peace. When passing through these cave walls, the air is heavy. Ypu can’t help but feel solemn. I made it so far before having to turn around…listening to that gut feeling of some sort of danger.

As you traverse further into the cave, the walls begin to taper, becoming thinner and thinner as you pass through. My biggest fears were that of either getting lost within the many passageways, or getting wedged. A chance I was not willing to take at the time. At one point, I had to take off my gear and leave it behind just to get a little further ahead. You can’t help but have this sense of curiosity for what else remains. Though I did not find the closure to it this time…

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