Nature Therapy

Nature of the most effective ways to improve mood and overall mental health. It’s a time when we can slow things down, and shut off all material and inorganic things that ail us.

Some have different methods of disconnecting with the rest of the world, while reconnecting with our core being. There’s something about being in a beautiful setting that feels me with such a sense of life and joy.

I breathe deep…listen intently to all the sounds surrounding me. Birds singing, a calm breeze rustling the leaves, blades of grass swaying. It’s music to my soul…Nothing invigorates me more than nature therapy.

As human beings, we are so full of ENERGY! Everything around us projects and uses energy. It’s an expendable and returnable resource that we so often take for granted every day.

Energy is a give and take manipulation. When you’re truly in tune with it, you can project it in positive ways that bring you inspiration.

There’s a reason for the feeling of pure bliss when being in nature. It’s a balance of this energy, we are then recharged. Just like phones need a charge after a full day of use, the organic human mind and body is not much different in that sense. It’s essential to quality of life…

Some of us are affected differently…more deeply. It can wear on the mind, heart, and soul which often can result in more toxic habits that become a bandage for this affliction. But it never truly heals the ailments.

We often downplay the importance of reconnection. There are so many various sources of energy you can draw from, and it’s all a matter of manipulating it. Be in tune with how you feel in certain places, around certain people and continue those connections. Weed out the toxic ones that bring us negativity, stress, and poor health.

What are some of your favorite things, people, places that give you that sense of recharge that has a positive impact on your life? Share your thoughts below…

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