Matchbook Mood

Everything that surrounds us resonates some sort of energy. Positive~Negative, magnetic. We are the ipitomy of resonating this energy everywhere. Think about how you feel around certain people, places, and things. Whether it be brought on by a memory…a place in time…a sense…gut instinct. Whatever the case may be, we are surrounded by it! We […]

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Nature Therapy

Nature therapy…one of the most effective ways to improve mood and overall mental health. It’s a time when we can slow things down, and shut off all material and inorganic things that ail us. Some have different methods of disconnecting with the rest of the world, while reconnecting with our core being. There’s something about […]

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Apache Death Cave

August of last year I decided to explore the Apache Death Cave area since I was passing through. I had been here once before, though it had been many years, and I never delved into the history of this area at the time. The area in itself is interesting, surrounded by abandoned gas stations, Native […]

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No Magic Pill

As a society we’ve lost touch with what it is to sustain our own thoughts and actions. We have a tendency to believe that there is this invisible net of security that will save us from our own self destruction and uncertainty. There seems to be a sense of entitlement to the risks we may […]

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Time vs YOU

They say time is relative…The persistence of time has its value. The value in it are the experiences it provides to us throughout our lives. Though…we cannot go back in time, we can improve with time. Time provides to us patience, it gives us growth and experience. It is ever present and unforgiving. Time essentially […]

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A Little Introduction…

Hello there…welcome to my blog. Here you will find the excerpts of my random thoughts, places and things that I enjoy. My greatest desire is to inspire a love of life in others. To enjoy and appreciate the short amount of time that we truly have in this existence. In the knowledge that we are […]

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Ethereal Beauty

There are some days when you plan an outing, schedule a time to leave…know exactly when you’ll get there, and what you’ll have planned for the day…and then there’s this… You get in your car, you convince a companion, a furry four-legged one named Heidi in my case…and you just GO. You don’t worry about […]

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Death & Moving On

Now when I say death and moving on, that may sound somewhat harsh. This is not quite the narrative I am intending. Rather…it is a communication. A discussion of the effects that death and beyond have on us all, both mentally and physically.

We are all affected by it differently. Some have to endure the residual threads that connect us between life and death. The more you accept these tethers, the easier it is to understand that death can be a more meaningful and fulfilling natural part of existence.

If we only allow ourselves to become more adept to the meaningfulness of death, dying, and decay…our awareness becomes a stoic state of realization.

With death, life can flourish. It is the natural balancing act that life bestows to us all. It can’t be stalled or stopped. Some fear it’s looming toll waiting to collect on us all, others embrace with grace…the reality of our mortality. Either way of thinking is not wrong.

Believe in the process, find beauty in the journey, and you will find the greatest sense of fulfillment from the life you’ve led, and in the journey after…

I’d love to hear your perspective of death and moving on. How do you view the balance of life and death? How do you cope?

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